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About Us

Patmos exists to ransom the captives of big tech by providing world-class hosting and software solutions.

How long has Patmos been around?

Patmos Hosting Inc is the product of a series of mergers and acquisitions between industry-leading companies that have each been in business for over a decade before combining forces in 2022.

How experienced is your team?

Very. Our employees have an average of 15 years of industry experience. We employ talent who once served at Google, AWS, Paramount, USAF Special Forces, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. We’ve also grown our own over the years.

Do you simply re-sell bandwidth from big hosting providers like so many in this space?

Never. Unlike virtually all of our competitors, Patmos owns its own equipment, server farms, and the dirt beneath. This wholly verticalized production allows us to provide truly uncancelable hosting to our treasured clients. In fact, many of our clients are MSPs who resell cloud services to their customers.

What’s in the name?

Patmos, the company, adopted its name from a little, rocky Greek island that is historically significant because it was a place of exile. Thousands of years ago, there was a certain visionary whose message was deemed too dangerous for public consumption by the authorities of the day. When they couldn’t kill him for some reason, they sent him to Patmos in an attempt to silence him. Thus, Patmos was made famous as the original refuge for the deplatformed. But that’s not the end of the story. You see, Patmos was intended to be a place where ideas were silenced, but ended up being a place where ideas were protected and amplified. The visionary’s message was indeed spread, and the names of those who tried to censor him have been long forgotten. In founding Patmos Hosting, we fulfilled a need to provide refuge for the digital exile. Our clients are treasured citizens of an island that some have tried to silence but have found a place of security and strength. We strive every day to make our clients more and more free from threats of deplatforming because we believe that every idea (regardless of whether or not we agree with it) has a right to be heard. Join us today in our fight for a freer internet.

You Have a Home on the Island