You are too valuable to be deplatformed. With big tech officially in the censorship business, Patmos Hosting is your island of refuge.

We provide full-scale hosting solutions to businesses big and small. Choose concierge service and operate hands-off or manage your own private cloud with ease.

From small business landing pages to alt-media behemoths, we are successfully protecting digital assets freely visited by over one hundred million users from the threat of big tech deplatforming. Video databases with tens of thousands of content hours, multi-million dollar paywalls, and thoughts the world has deemed dangerous all have a home at Patmos.


With encryption of data at rest built-in and multiple options for controlling access to your cloud, Patmos Hosting helps you keep your private data private.


All services are monitored 24/7 to minimize disruptions and maximize performance. Our “friendly state” US-based data center is as secure as it is robust, allowing us to offer our clients an ultra-fast delivery with an industry leading 99.9% uptime guarantee.


The Patmos team cares about our clients’ challenges and works every day to transform them into success stories. We’ll be there for you as your infrastructure needs change and grow. You’ll always have access to a dedicated team member who is relentlessly focused on providing you with tremendous value.

Best of all, once we accept you as a client and you accept our use policy, we will never deplatform you or attempt to censor your content. Guaranteed. *

To our competitors, you are just a number awaiting deletion. To Patmos, you are a treasured citizen of the island. Migrate today and discover why so many are choosing to host with Patmos.

Reach out now, and a hosting specialist will call you within one business day to discuss your needs.


Out of the Box




25 GB SSD, unmetered bandwidth, 99.9% Uptime guarantee, encryption-at-rest, firewall security, personalized support.

Perfect for: Everyday websites, blogs, online stores.

A La Carte

Starting at



Self-managed cloud hosting with 99.9% Uptime guarantee, encryption-at-rest firewall security, concierge personalized on-boarding.

Customizable access to:

  • Access to virtual machines
  • Public or Private Networking
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Object Storage (S3 API Compatible)
  • Load Balancers
  • Block Storage
  • Floating IP

Add, change, or remove resources on demand at any time.

Perfect for: Content creators who want to host and protect your own media. Media paywalls. Higher traffic, higher revenue-generating sites.

White Glove

Starting at



Done-for-you private cloud management with access to all a la carte options on redundant servers that are protected, maintained, and upgraded in a Patmos data center.

Unmetered bandwidth with a dedicated pipe and a 24/7 Personal Concierge.

Perfect for: Customers with high volume sites or applications, multiple simultaneous workloads, and resource-intensive operations. You get to focus on growing your business, and we'll scale your cloud.