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Bare Metal and Colocation

Bare Metal & Colocation Services

Vertical infrastructure designed to cancel-proof your business

Unleash the internet

Welcome to Joe's Datacenter, a Patmos company, located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie

Bare Metal/Dedicated Servers

Highly reliable and affordably priced, Patmos servers will give any industry what they need when it comes to bandwidth and security.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Our fully managed services combine the process of backup and the power of disaster recovery into one comprehensive plan.


Place your equipment in our data center for an efficient and cost-effective setup. We provide everything you need except the equipment.

US-Based Support

Onsite technicians and customer success teams are available to give your business the labor and support it may need.

Security & Reliability

Feel confident knowing that your service is monitored and protected


DDOS Protection & Security Suite

Our security suite stops your service from being affected by other customers getting DDOS attacks, provides automatic notifications with sample traffic if your service is being DDOS attacked, prevents large DDOS attacks from causing unwanted bandwidth overages, automatically null-routes only the targeted IP upstream with our providers

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure & Equipment

Load balanced and redundant connections between switches and providers, redundant management cards and power supplies in each switch, on-site replacement parts for all equipment, Gigabit ports to all customer machines, 10Gb network ports between our internal equipment

Network Reliability

Network Reliability & Monitoring

We have off-site network ping tests and technicians get paged with the notifications, Monitors on the wall of the NOC display live network statistics such as a live network weather map, graphs showing Mbps, PPS, Switch health, DC temperature monitors, and we have threshold monitoring for early alerts before a problem affects a service.

Protecting your message in every way possible.

Visit the Joe’s Datacenter (a Patmos company) website to learn more about bare metal or colocation services or make a purchase.